40 Best Tamil Movies to Watch | Highest-Rated Tamil films on IMDb

15: Peranbu


Release date: 2018
IMDb Rating: 8.7/10
Director: Ram
Duration: 2h 27m
Genre: drama film
Cast: Mammootty, Sadhana, Anjali

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“Peranbu” is a Tamil drama that tells the story of Amudhavan, a father who struggles to care for his daughter, Paapa, who has cerebral palsy. The film explores the challenges and complexities of their relationship as they navigate through life’s hardships together. Amudhavan, a doting father, devotes himself to Paapa’s care, facing societal stigma and personal sacrifices along the way.

As Amudhavan and Paapa confront the harsh realities of the world, they find solace and strength in their unconditional love for each other. Through their journey, “Peranbu” delves into themes of compassion, acceptance, and the resilience of the human spirit, portraying the bond between a father and daughter as a source of profound beauty and inspiration.

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