25+ Most Beautiful Latina and Hispanic Actresses to Know in 2024

The entertainment industry boasts a wealth of gifted Latina and Hispanic actresses who are admired for their breathtaking beauty, acting abilities that leave audiences in awe, and compelling personalities. Here are 25+ of the most attractive Latina and Hispanic actresses who continue to dominate the acting field as we look into 2024.

1 Ana de Armas

Ana Celia de Armas Caso

Full Name: Ana Celia de Armas Caso
Date of Birth: 30 April 1988
Age: 36 Years
Place of Birth: Havana Cuba

Ana de Armas is a Cuban-Spanish actress who rose to prominence with her roles in “Knives Out” and “No Time to Die.” Her performances are captivating, her looks are stunning, and she has become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars.

2 Eiza González

Eiza González Reyna

Full Name: Eiza González Reyna
Date of Birth: 30 January 1990
Age: 34 Years
Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico

“Baby Driver,” “Alita: Battle Angel,” and “Godzilla vs. Kong” have all seen Mexican actress Eiza González win over crowds with her performances. It’s hard not to notice her talent among other actors because of her versatility combined with such great looks.

3 Salma Hayek Pinault

Salma Valgarma Hayek Pinault

Full Name: Salma Valgarma Hayek Pinault
Date of Birth: 2 September 1966
Age: 57 Years
Place of Birth: Coatzacoalcos, Mexico

Salma Hayek is a Hollywood legend whose beauty and skill have endeared her to fans around the world. From “Frida” to “Eternals,” Hayek continues delivering powerful portrayals that captivate viewers everywhere she goes.

4 Sofia Vergara

Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara

Full Name: Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara
Date of Birth: 10 July 1972
Age: 51 Years
Place of Birth: Barranquilla, Colombia

Colombian comedic powerhouse Sofia Vergara lit up screens across America as Gloria on “Modern Family.” Audiences love her infectious personality alongside acting chops backed up by good looks that make any character believable.

5 Zendaya

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman

Full Name: Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman
Date of Birth: 1 September 1996
Age: 27 Years
Place of Birth: Oakland, California, United States

Zendaya has mixed heritage but still identifies strongly with her Latina roots among others; this plays an important part in shaping who she is as an individual today. After winning an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for HBO’s “Euphoria”, she starred opposite Tom Holland in Spider-Man movies before landing major role alongside Timothée Chalamet in Dune which showcased both incredible talent & beauty simultaneously.

6 Adria Arjona

Adria Arjona Torres

Full Name: Adria Arjona Torres
Date of Birth: 25 April 1992
Age: 32 Years
Place of Birth: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican-Guatemalan actress Adria Arjona has been making waves with roles in “Pacific Rim: Uprising” and “6 Underground”. She’s been noted for her amazing looks coupled with great performances.

7 Gina Rodriguez

Gina Alexis Rodriguez

Full Name: Gina Alexis Rodriguez
Date of Birth: 30 July 1984
Age: 39 Years
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Gina Rodriguez won awards for playing the role of Jane in “Jane the Virgin”. The Puerto Rican actress has a successful career in film and television thanks to her beauty as well as talent.

8 Aimee Garcia

Aimee Sandimés Garcia López de Ordóñez

Full Name: Aimee Sandimés Garcia López de Ordóñez
Date of Birth: 28 November 1978
Age: 45 Years
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Mexican-Puerto Rican actress Aimee Garcia stole hearts while starring alongside Michael C. Hall on Showtime’s hit series DEXTER where she played his sister Jamie Batista; then again opposite Tom Ellis when he plays Lucifer Morningstar on Netflix’s LUCIFER. Her radiant beauty combined with dynamic performances make her loved by all who watch them unfold before their eyes.

9 Melissa Barrera

Melissa Barrera Martínez

Full Name: Melissa Barrera Martínez
Date of Birth: 4 July 1990
Age: 34 Years
Place of Birth: Monterrey, Mexico

Melissa Barrera is a Mexican actress who found fame through her work on the TV show “Vida” and the movie musical “In the Heights.” Her magnetic presence and stunning looks will no doubt keep audiences enthralled for years to come.

10 Rosario Dawson

Rosario Isabel Dawson

Full Name: Rosario Isabel Dawson
Date of Birth: 9 May 1979
Age: 45 Years
Place of Birth: New York, United States

With roots from Cuba as well as Puerto Rico among others, Rosario Dawson brings versatility along with beauty to each role she takes on such as in Sin City or Daredevil where she played Elektra Natchios; not forgetting about Disney+’s The Mandalorian which saw this talented lady portray Ahsoka Tano brilliantly!

11 Stephanie Beatriz

Stephanie Beatriz Bischoff Alvizuri

Full Name: Stephanie Beatriz Bischoff Alvizuri
Date of Birth: 10 February 1981
Age: 43 Years
Place of Birth: Neuquen, Argentina

Stephanie Beatriz is of Argentine and Bolivian descent and is most famous for playing Rosa Diaz on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Her stunning beauty and vibrant performances make her a standout talent in television and film.

12 Eva Longoria

Eva Jacqueline Longoria Bastón

Full Name: Eva Jacqueline Longoria Bastón
Date of Birth: 15 March 1975
Age: 49 Years
Place of Birth: Corpus Christi, Texas, United States

Eva Longoria has become a Hollywood staple, with her Mexican-American heritage only adding to her captivating presence. After gaining fame through “Desperate Housewives,” she continues to amaze audiences with her beauty and skill.

13 Natalia Reyes

Natalia Reyes Gaitán

Full Name: Natalia Reyes Gaitán
Date of Birth: 6 February 1987
Age: 37 Years
Place of Birth: Bogotá, Colombia

Colombian actress Natalia Reyes rose to international fame with her role in “Terminator: Dark Fate.” The world was introduced to this stunning woman’s appearance and amazing acting abilities – she will surely become one of the brightest stars soon!

14 Isabela Merced

Isabela Yolanda Moner

Full Name: Isabela Yolanda Moner
Date of Birth: 10 July 2001
Age: 22 Years
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Born as Isabela Moner, this young Peruvian-American actress and singer became known after performing in such movies as “Transformers: The Last Knight” or “Dora and the Lost City of Gold.” She looks so fresh-faced! Such a talented girl deserves success!

15 Tessa Thompson

Tessa Lynne Thompson

Full Name: Tessa Lynne Thompson
Date of Birth: 3 October 1983
Age: 40 Years
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Tessa Thompson’s Panamanian background has greatly influenced her career: from starring in HBO’s “Westworld” series to appearing alongside Chris Hemsworth in “Thor: Ragnarok” or Michael B Jordan in Creed franchise – she never ceases impressing us! This beautiful woman also happens to be incredibly talented, which makes everything even better for her fans.

16 Jenna Ortega

Jenna Marie Ortega

Full Name: Jenna Marie Ortega
Date of Birth: 27 September 2002
Age: 21 Years
Place of Birth: Coachella Valley, California

Jenna Ortega, a talented young actress who is of Mexican-Puerto Rican descent, has caught people’s attention due to roles on both “You” (Netflix) and “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” (Netflix). Youthful charm mixed with impressive skills like these will surely propel her into stardom within the industry soon enough!

17 Becky G

Rebbeca Marie Gomez

Full Name: Rebbeca Marie Gomez
Date of Birth: 2 March 1997
Age: 27 Years
Place of Birth: Inglewood, California, United States

Becky G is a Mexican-American singer and actress who is well-known for her singing career as much as for the roles she played in “Power Rangers” or “A.X.L.” movie. Her beauty and talent have always been able to touch hearts of many people around the world.

18 Karla Souza

Karla Susana Olivares Souza

Full Name: Karla Susana Olivares Souza
Date of Birth: 11 December 1985
Age: 38 Years
Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico

Mexican actress Karla Souza became famous thanks to playing Laurel Castillo on ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder”. This woman possesses such captivating beauty that it would be impossible not fall in love with her after watching any show or film where she appears!

19 Alicia Sanz

Alicia Sanz

Full Name: Alicia Sanz
Date of Birth: 10 April 1988
Age: 36 Years
Place of Birth: Ceuta, Spain

Spanish actress Alicia Sanz gained recognition by starring in Robert Rodriguez’s TV series called “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series” and Spanish-language TV show titled “En el Corredor de la Muerte”. She looks so beautiful! Such a talented girl deserves more success!

20 Lauren Vélez

Luna Lauren Vélez

Full Name: Luna Lauren Vélez
Date of Birth: 2 November 1964
Age: 59 Years
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York, United States

Puerto Rican actress Lauren Vélez is best known for portraying Captain Maria LaGuerta on Showtime’s “Dexter” series, but she has also had notable roles in HBO’s prison drama “Oz” and other popular works. There are few women who possess such striking features as this lady does – no wonder why people consider her one of Hollywood’s greatest talents!

21 Cote de Pablo

María José de Pablo Fernández

Full Name: María José de Pablo Fernández
Date of Birth: 12 November 1979
Age: 44 Years
Place of Birth: Santiago, Chile

Cote de Pablo is a Chilean-American actress who became famous after playing Ziva David on CBS’ “NCIS”. She looks so exotic! Such a talented girl deserves more recognition!

22 Dascha Polanco

Dascha Yolaine Polanco

Full Name: Dascha Yolaine Polanco
Date of Birth: 3 December 1982
Age: 41 Years
Place of Birth: Dominican Republic

Dominican-American actress Dascha Polanco rose to fame through her role as Dayanara Diaz in Netflix’s hit series “Orange Is the New Black.” This unique-looking woman combines an incredibly beautiful appearance with excellent acting skills making it clear that she was born be star!

23 Dania Ramirez

Dania Ramirez

Full Name: Dania Ramirez
Date of Birth: 8 November 1979
Age: 44 Years
Place of Birth: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

American-Dominican actress Dania Ramirez starred as Maya Herrera on NBC’s action/sci-fi drama series “Heroes” and Marisol Suarez on Lifetime’s comedy-drama series “Devious Maids”. There are few women who possess such stunning looks but can also act very well – she is definitely one of them!

24 Blanca Suárez

Blanca Martínez Suárez

Full Name: Blanca Martínez Suárez
Date of Birth: 21 October 1988
Age: 35 Years
Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain

Spanish actress Blanca Suárez gained international fame thanks to performances in Pedro Almodóvar’s film “The Skin I Live In” and Netflix’s TV show titled “Las Chicas del Cable”. She looks so beautiful! Such a talented girl deserves more recognition!

25 Marisol Nichols

Marisol Nichols

Full Name: Marisol Nichols
Date of Birth: 2 November 1973
Age: 50 Years
Place of Birth: Rogers Park, Illinois, United States

American actress Marisol Nichols played Hermione Lodge on The CW’s “Riverdale” and Nadia Yassir on Fox’s “24.” Her captivating beauty combined with excellent acting skills ensures that this woman will always be remembered as one Hollywood’s greatest talents!

26 Maria Gabriela de Faria

María Gabriela de Faría Chacón

Full Name: María Gabriela de Faría Chacón
Date of Birth: 11 September 1992
Age: 31 Years
Place of Birth: Caracas, Venezuela

Maria Gabriela de Faría, the Venezuelan actress, is recognized for her work in “Deadly Class” and “The Exorcism of God.” She has an attractive appearance and always gives good performances which make people think she may become a famous star in the future.

27 Alexa PenaVega

Alexa Ellesse PenaVega

Full Name: Alexa Ellesse PenaVega
Date of Birth: 27 August 1988
Age: 35 Years
Place of Birth: Ocala, Florida

Alexa PenaVega is a Mexican-American actress who became well-known through her participation in the series “Spy Kids.” From childhood on, her beauty and sweet nature have won over many hearts.

This year’s most beautiful Latin (Latina) actresses are also among the most talented and culturally diverse performers on screen today! In 2024 we can be sure that these ladies will continue being bright stars all around the world!