40 Best Tamil Movies to Watch | Highest-Rated Tamil films on IMDb

27: Mandela


Release date: 2021
IMDb Rating: 8.4/10
Director: Madonne Ashwin
Duration: 2h 20m
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Cast: Yogi Babu, Sheela Rajkumar, Sangili Murugan

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“Mandela” is a Tamil political satire that revolves around the life of a barber named Nelson Mandela, who shares his name with the iconic South African leader. The film unfolds in a small village where Mandela, an ardent fan of Mahatma Gandhi, dreams of bringing about social change and equality. Inspired by Gandhi’s principles of nonviolence and civil disobedience, Mandela sets out on a mission to challenge the oppressive caste system and fight for the rights of the marginalized communities in his village.

However, Mandela’s idealism is met with resistance and ridicule from the village elders and the powerful upper-caste elites who seek to maintain their dominance. Despite facing numerous obstacles and setbacks, Mandela remains steadfast in his commitment to his principles, using wit and humor to confront injustice and discrimination. “Mandela” is a thought-provoking and humorous exploration of caste politics and social activism, offering a satirical commentary on the complexities of power and privilege in Indian society.

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