30 Must-watch Korean Drama Series | Top K-dramas

19: My First First Love

“My First First Love” is a South Korean drama series that premiered on Netflix in April 2019. It follows the story of five friends who navigate the complexities of love, friendship, and adulthood as they experience their first romantic relationships.

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The main characters include Yoon Tae-oh (played by Ji Soo), a college student who unexpectedly finds himself living with his childhood friend Han Song-yi (played by Jung Chae-yeon) after she is kicked out of her house. As Tae-oh and Song-yi navigate their changing relationship, they become entangled with their other friends, including the ambitious and hardworking Seo Do-hyun (played by Jung Jin-young), the free-spirited Choi Hoon (played by Kang Tae-oh), and the quirky and lovable Oh Ga-rin (played by Choi Ri).

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