Top 10 Most Handsome Korean Film Actors

Top 10 Most Handsome Korean Film Actors

Most Handsome Korean Film Actors. When it comes to Korean cinema, there is no shortage of talent. From heartwarming romances to thrilling action flicks, Korean actors have captured the hearts of audiences around the world. In addition to their acting skills, many of these actors are known for their striking good looks.

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List of top 10 most handsome Korean film actors

1: Lee Min-ho

Lee Min Ho

Full name: Lee Min-ho
Birthday: June 22, 1987
Age (as of 2024): 36 years
Birth Place: Heukseok-dong, Dongjak District, Seoul

Starting off our list is the charismatic Lee Min-ho. Known for his roles in popular dramas like “Boys Over Flowers” and “The Heirs,” Lee Min-ho has gained a massive following both in Korea and internationally. With his tall stature, chiseled features, and killer smile, it’s no wonder he has been named one of the most handsome actors in Korea.

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