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Top 10 Most Iconic Villain Roles in Bollywood Hindi Movies


    Bollywood has had its fair share of iconic villains, those nefarious characters who etched themselves into the memories of audiences with their sinister charm, devious schemes, and unforgettable performances.

    List of the top 10 most iconic villain roles in Bollywood

    The role of a villain in Bollywood (Hindi movies) is a very crucial factor. These villains weren’t just antagonists; they became the heartbeat of the movies they graced, adding depth, intensity, and sometimes even a touch of charisma to their dark personas.

    List of the top 10 most iconic villain roles in Bollywood

    1. Gabbar Singh from “Sholay” (1975) – Amjad Khan

    Gabbar Singh from "Sholay" (1975) - Amjad Khan

    “Sholay” is immortalized in Indian cinema, and at its core lies Gabbar Singh, an epitome of villainy. Amjad Khan’s portrayal of this ruthless dacoit is iconic, with his dialogue “Kitne Aadmi The?” still resonating in pop culture.

    Gabbar Singh from “Sholay”! Amjad Khan’s portrayal of the iconic character is truly legendary. His menacing demeanor, that chilling dialogue delivery, and that unforgettable laughter made Gabbar Singh one of the most iconic villains in Indian cinema. His impact on pop culture remains unparalleled even decades after the film’s release. The character’s dialogues, especially “Kitne aadmi the?” (“How many men were there?”), have become etched in Bollywood history.

    2. Mogambo from “Mr. India” (1987) – Amrish Puri

    Mogambo from "Mr. India" (1987) - Amrish Puri

    “Mr. India” introduced Mogambo, played by Amrish Puri, who became synonymous with villainy. His baritone delivery of the dialogue “Mogambo khush hua” is etched in Bollywood history.

    Amrish Puri’s portrayal of Mogambo in “Mr. India” is another classic villainous performance in Bollywood. His iconic line “Mogambo khush hua” (“Mogambo is pleased”) became synonymous with his character and is still remembered fondly by fans. Puri’s larger-than-life presence, commanding voice, and evil persona made Mogambo an unforgettable antagonist.

    3. Shakaal from “Shaan” (1980) – Kulbhushan Kharbanda

    Shakaal from "Shaan" (1980) - Kulbhushan Kharbanda

    Kulbhushan Kharbanda’s portrayal of Shakaal, a bald, menacing villain with an island lair, was captivating. His suave yet sinister presence added a unique flavor to the film.

    Kulbhushan Kharbanda’s portrayal of Shakaal in “Shaan” was another remarkable performance. Shakaal, with his bald head, unique style, and a penchant for sophisticated evil schemes, left a lasting impression on audiences. His character was both cunning and menacing, and Kharbanda’s portrayal added depth and charisma to the role.

    4. Lajja Shankar Pandey from “Khalnayak” (1993) – Paresh Rawal

    Lajja Shankar Pandey from "Khalnayak" (1993) - Paresh Rawal

    Paresh Rawal’s portrayal of the cold-blooded terrorist Lajja Shankar Pandey was chilling. His character’s intensity and unpredictability were spine-tingling.

    Paresh Rawal’s portrayal of Lajja Shankar Pandey in “Khalnayak” was a standout performance. Playing a strict, righteous police officer, Rawal’s character was memorable for his unwavering commitment to justice. His intensity, coupled with the complexity of his character’s beliefs, made Lajja Shankar Pandey a compelling figure in the film.

    5. Lion from “Karan Arjun” (1995) – Amrish Puri

    Lion from "Karan Arjun" (1995) - Amrish Puri

    Amrish Puri makes a second entry on this list for his role as Lion, a ruthless and powerful antagonist. His commanding screen presence made Lion a memorable villain.

    In “Karan Arjun,” Amrish Puri portrayed Thakur Durjan Singh, often referred to as the “Lion.” Puri’s powerful and authoritative portrayal of this character made him a formidable and unforgettable antagonist. As Thakur Durjan Singh, he exuded a commanding presence, instilling fear with his intense dialogues and domineering personality.

    6. Gokul Pandit from “Dushman” (1998) – Ashutosh Rana

    Gokul Pandit from "Dushman" (1998) - Ashutosh Rana

    Ashutosh Rana’s portrayal of a psychotic serial killer haunted audiences. His ability to switch between normalcy and madness was spine-chilling.

    Ashutosh Rana’s portrayal of Gokul Pandit in “Dushman” was a chilling and intense performance. Playing the role of a psychopathic serial killer, Rana brought an eerie and terrifying quality to the character. His ability to switch between a seemingly normal persona and a menacing, deranged killer was truly captivating.

    7. Dr. Dang from “Karma” (1986) – Anupam Kher

    Dr. Dang from "Karma" (1986) - Anupam Kher

    Anupam Kher’s Dr. Dang was a sophisticated yet menacing villain. His calm demeanor while plotting heinous acts left a lasting impression.

    Dr. Dang, an antagonist with a sophisticated yet menacing demeanor, was portrayed with great intensity and conviction by Kher. His portrayal of a cunning and manipulative terrorist leader left a lasting impact.

    8. Prem from “Darr” (1993) – Shah Rukh Khan

    Prem from "Darr" (1993) - Shah Rukh Khan

    Shah Rukh Khan’s portrayal of a psychotic stalker, obsessed with Juhi Chawla’s character, was a departure from his romantic roles, showcasing his versatility.

    Shah Rukh Khan’s portrayal of the obsessive and psychologically complex character, Rahul Mehra, aka “Prem” in “Darr,” was a departure from his usual romantic hero roles. His performance as a deeply disturbed lover obsessed with a woman was intense and unsettling.

    9. Kancha Cheena from “Agneepath” (2012) – Sanjay Dutt

    Kancha Cheena from "Agneepath" (2012) - Sanjay Dutt

    Sanjay Dutt’s portrayal of the menacing Kancha Cheena brought a new level of intimidation to the screen. His towering presence and cold-heartedness were unforgettable.

    Sanjay Dutt’s portrayal of Kancha Cheena in the 2012 version of “Agneepath” was a departure from his usual roles. He depicted the character of Kancha, a menacing and ruthless antagonist, with a certain raw intensity. Dutt’s physical transformation and his portrayal of Kancha’s brutality made the character quite menacing and memorable.

    10. Ranjeet from “Sharmeelee” (1971) – Ranjeet

    Ranjeet from "Sharmeelee" (1971) - Ranjeet

    Ranjeet, known for his portrayals of negative characters, was chillingly convincing as the villain in “Sharmeelee,” leaving an impact with his portrayal of a cunning antagonist.

    Ranjeet, the veteran actor, known for portraying antagonistic roles, played the character of Captain Ranjeet Singh in “Sharmeelee” (1971). In this film, his performance as a suave and charming yet morally questionable character added layers to the storyline.


    These villains transcended the screen, imprinting themselves in the memories of audiences, making them an integral part of Bollywood’s rich cinematic history. Their performances didn’t just evoke fear but also admiration for their acting prowess, ensuring their place in the hall of fame for Bollywood villains.

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