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Top 10 Most Expensive Divorce in Bollywood – Check Alimony


    In the realm of Bollywood, alongside enduring tales of love, exist narratives of fleeting relationships. The dissolution of marriages, well-recognized for its emotional toll, often carries significant financial ramifications. Divorces in the Bollywood industry aren’t merely disheartening for fans but also bear considerable impact on families. From properties to substantial alimony payouts, some divorces within Bollywood have commanded substantial financial attention.

    Here is the Ultimate List of Top 10 Most Expensive Divorce in Bollywood Industry

    1. Aamir Khan – Reena Dutta

    Aamir Khan – Reena Dutta

    Mr. Perfectionist’s initial chapter with his first wife, Reena Dutta, unfolded in a truly cinematic manner. Their story began as neighbors, stealing glances through windows. Aamir eventually mustered the courage to confess his love, but Reena initially didn’t reciprocate, turning down his advances. Undeterred, Aamir persisted, refusing to accept her refusal. Despite her repeated negative responses, he remained steadfast in his pursuit. In an attempt to express his love, Aamir reportedly went to extremes, even writing a love letter to Reena in his own blood, which unfortunately backfired, leading to her fury. Realizing he had overstepped boundaries, Aamir contemplated giving up.

    However, just when he was about to relinquish hope, Reena surprised him by admitting her mutual feelings. On April 18, 1986, Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta eloped and got married, driven by discordance with their parents based on religious differences. Junaid and Ira, their children, were born soon after their union.

    Their marriage lasted for 16 years, but difficulties brewed beneath the surface. Eventually, in 2002, the couple opted for an amicable divorce. Aamir reportedly settled the divorce with a payment of ₹50 crores, marking it as one of the ten most financially significant divorces in Bollywood. Despite their separation, Aamir and Reena continue to maintain a cordial relationship to this day.

    3. Amrita Singh – Saif Ali Khan

    Amrita Singh – Saif Ali Khan

    Amrita epitomized the quintessential Punjabi charm in Bollywood, while Saif exuded the air of a nawab. Despite Saif’s initial struggles in the film industry and Amrita’s established stardom, love found its way into their lives. But theirs wasn’t a tale of love at first sight.

    Their paths crossed on the set of Rahul Rawail’s film photoshoot, marking Saif’s debut. Amrita, already acquainted with Rahul, was invited to add a touch of glamour to the shoot. During the session, Saif’s gesture of placing his arm around Amrita caught her attention, while her bold demeanor captured his interest.

    Saif took the initiative and invited her for dinner, only to be turned down by Amrita, who suggested he visit her home instead. And thus began their journey.

    Their union culminated in an intimate wedding, and they remained together for 12 years. However, reported conflicts soured their relationship, prompting their eventual decision to part ways. Despite the separation, Amrita, along with their children Sara and Ibrahim, continues to be an integral part of Saif’s life. To settle the divorce, Saif reportedly paid a substantial sum of ₹5 crores, placing their separation among the ten most financially impactful divorces in Bollywood.

    3. Hrithik Roshan – Sussanne Khan

    Hrithik Roshan – Sussanne Khan

    Hrithik Roshan, often hailed as the Greek God of Bollywood, exchanged vows with his longtime love, Sussanne Khan, in 2000. Their paths initially crossed at a serendipitous moment—a chance encounter at a traffic signal where their cars came to a halt side by side. Though there was an instant attraction, neither acted upon it. However, as fate would have it, their story took a turn when they met again at the engagement celebration of the actor’s sister, Sunaina Roshan. This marked the genesis of a deep friendship between Sussanne and Hrithik. Over time, Hrithik openly expressed his affections, penning love letters and heartfelt poems to her, devoid of any poetic structure.

    Their love story reached a pivotal moment when Hrithik proposed to Sussanne at a restaurant, presenting a handwritten note that sealed their commitment. Yet, their journey together wasn’t all sunshine and joy. On the cusp of their 13th wedding anniversary in December 2013, Hrithik publicly announced their separation, stating, “Sussanne has decided to separate from me and end our 17-year relationship. This is a very trying time for the entire family.” The couple, married for 13 years after a courtship of four, encountered stormy waters in their relationship. Speculations arose regarding Sussanne Khan’s alleged demand for ₹400 crores in alimony. However, the veracity of these claims remains unconfirmed. Nevertheless, their divorce is recognized as one of the ten most financially substantial separations in Bollywood.

    4. Farhan Akhtar – Adhuna Bhabani

    Farhan Akhtar – Adhuna Bhabani

    Among the notable high-cost separations in Bollywood, we find the dynamic actor, director, and producer Farhan Akhtar, alongside his audacious and remarkably talented ex-wife, Adhuna Bhabani.

    Their journey commenced at a Juhu nightclub in Mumbai in 1997, where Farhan first noticed Adhuna’s striking red hair, coupled with her flair for handstands and cartwheels. Introduced through a mutual acquaintance, the pair instantly connected. During their courtship, it’s rumored that Farhan occasionally feigned inebriation just to ensure Adhuna would offer him a ride home.

    Their relationship reflected the adage that opposites attract, showcasing stark contrasts in their personalities while simultaneously displaying a profound affinity for one another. After three years of courtship, they exchanged vows in 2000. Subsequently, in 2001, Farhan’s debut film, ‘Dil Chahta Hai,’ stormed the box office, marking a significant milestone in his career.

    Adhuna and Farhan exuded remarkable chemistry both on-screen, displaying their professional synergy, and off-screen, portraying a deeply bonded partnership. The couple welcomed two beautiful daughters into their lives. However, after 16 years together, they unexpectedly announced their separation, a revelation that reverberated as a surprise to their friends, family, and fans alike.

    While the true reason behind their split remains shrouded in mystery, the former couple maintains an amicable relationship. They continue to share a strong bond, prioritizing their daughters’ well-being. Farhan has since married Shibani Dandekar, while Adhuna is reportedly in a relationship with Nicolo Morea, the brother of Dino Morea.

    5. Aditya Chopra – Payal Khanna

    Aditya Chopra – Payal Khanna

    In 2001, Aditya Chopra exchanged vows with his beloved, Payal Khanna. During that period, Aditya and Rani Mukherji shared a platonic friendship, nothing more. However, rumors circulated suggesting Aditya harbored feelings for Rani, leading to his divorce from Payal in 2009, reportedly settling the separation with a payment of ₹50 crores.

    After a few years of courtship, Rani and Aditya clandestinely wed in an intimate Bengali ceremony held in Italy. The couple now embraces parenthood, cherishing their 6-year-old daughter, Adira Chopra.

    6. Karisma Kapoor – Sanjay Kapur

    Karisma Kapoor – Sanjay Kapur

    The matrimony of the Kapoor scion wasn’t all sunshine and joy. Karisma Kapoor, a prominent and highly paid actress in the ’90s, shared the screen with leading actors like Govinda and Salman Khan. Despite a relationship and engagement with Abhishek Bachchan, the duo announced their separation shortly after their engagement.

    Babita Kapoor raised her daughters, Karisma and Kareena, single-handedly, determined to secure Karisma’s financial stability. Seeking a suitable match, she selected Sanjay Kapur for her daughter. Karisma became Sanjay’s second wife, and they exchanged vows on September 29, 2003, welcoming two children into their lives. However, after a decade together, the couple announced their separation due to allegations of mental and physical harassment directed at Karisma from her husband and in-laws.

    Sanjay’s infidelity with Priya Sachdev, his current wife, further strained their relationship. Karisma relocated from Delhi to Mumbai and finalized their divorce in 2016. While Sanjay may not have directly paid compensation to the actress, reports suggest he had to acquire bonds worth ₹14 crores for his children, generating a monthly interest of ₹10 lakhs. This divorce marked one of the 10 Most Expensive Divorces in the Bollywood industry.

    7. Prabhudeva – Ramlath

    Prabhudeva – Ramlath

    Prabhudeva, often hailed as the Indian Michael Jackson, tied the knot with his beloved, Ramlath, in 1995. While their relationship details remain scant, it’s known that Ramlath, initially a Muslim, embraced Hinduism and adopted the name Latha before their marriage. However, their marital harmony began to falter when rumors surfaced in 2009 about Prabhudeva’s alleged affair with leading South Indian actor Nayanthara. Despite no confirmation or denial from either party, the gossip lost momentum and faded away. Yet, in 2010, Prabhudeva openly confessed his love for Nayanthara, expressing his desire to be with her, despite already being together with Ramlath for two years at that point.

    Upon learning of this revelation, Latha’s response was far from favorable. She took legal action against their relationship, leading to their eventual separation. In the aftermath, Prabhudeva settled with Latha, granting her two cars, two residences in Anna Nagar, and two flats in Ranga Reddy, all situated in Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, he provided ₹10 lakh as alimony. With the combined property values estimated at around ₹20-25 crores, this dissolution secured the couple a spot among the 10 Most Expensive Divorces in Bollywood.

    8. Malaika Arora – Arbaaz Khan

    Malaika Arora – Arbaaz Khan

    Arbaaz and Malaika initially crossed paths on the set of a coffee brand shoot, where their scripted romance led to genuine sparks between them. Their immediate attraction quickly blossomed into a relationship. Malaika, hailed as one of Bollywood’s most sizzling actresses in bikini wear, often made headlines.

    Their shared dreams for the future led to casual, enjoyable dates and public displays of affection becoming a norm. Despite differing religions, they disregarded these differences and embraced marriage. On December 12, 1998, they exchanged vows in both a Church ceremony and a Muslim wedding. Their union welcomed a baby boy in 2002.

    However, storm clouds gathered when rumors surfaced about extramarital involvements. Allegations hinted at Arbaaz’s connection with Yellow Mehra, while Malaika was linked to Arjun Kapoor. After several years, the couple officially parted ways. Reportedly, Malaika sought a settlement ranging from ₹10-15 crores, securing a notable position for their divorce among the 10 Most Expensive Divorces in Bollywood.

    9. Sanjay Dutt – Rhea Pillai

    Sanjay Dutt – Rhea Pillai

    Rhea and Sanjay’s first encounter took place at the office of his lawyer, Mahesh Jethmalani. Rhea, known for her spiritual inclination, worked as an Art of Living instructor. She became a source of serenity and support for Sanjay during that period, and their connection was immediate. Sanjay found himself seeking reasons to meet her regularly.

    Their union on February 14, 1998, symbolized their love, but unfortunately, the marriage was short-lived. Sanjay and Rhea ended their marital ties in 2005. Subsequently, Rhea moved forward and married the renowned tennis player, Leander Paes, while Sanjay entered into marriage with Manyata. Despite the separation, Sanjay made substantial settlements, including his Bandra apartment valued at ₹8 crores, a lavish car, and covered Rhea’s expenses until their formal divorce.

    10. Sohail Khan – Seema Khan

    Sohail Khan – Seema Khan

    The most recent addition to the list of Bollywood couples with high-value divorces is Sohail Khan, brother of Salman Khan, and his wife Seema Khan. Their story began in 1998 when Seema arrived in Mumbai with aspirations in Fashion Designing. Their paths intertwined on the set of “Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya,” sparking a romance between them.

    Despite familial disapproval, Sohail and Seema opted for an Arya Samaj wedding, choosing to elope. However, as disclosed by Seema Khan on “Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives,” their marriage took an unconventional turn, leading to them living separately.

    Now, 24 years after their wedding, the couple has decided to formalize their separation and continue their lives as single individuals. The exact settlement amount remains undisclosed, but reports suggest it’s notably substantial.


    These high-profile divorces in Bollywood often involve significant financial settlements and divisions of assets, reflecting the complexities and challenges within celebrity relationships. While the exact amounts and details of these settlements remain mostly undisclosed, they underscore the financial implications of separations within the industry.

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