Bollywood films with IMDb 8.0+ Ratings

2: PK

Release date: 2014
IMDb Rating: 8.1/10
Director: Rajkumar Hirani
Duration: 2hr 33m
Genre: Comedy/Sci-fi
Cast: Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt

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“PK” is a Bollywood film that centers on an alien, played by Aamir Khan, who lands on Earth for a research mission but loses his remote control to his spaceship, leaving him stranded. This alien, who later adopts the name PK, begins his quest to retrieve the device, encountering the complexities and contradictions of human society along the way. With a childlike innocence and curiosity, PK questions the various religious practices and beliefs he encounters, highlighting the absurdities and superstitions ingrained in them. His unusual behavior and questioning earn him the nickname “PK” (which means “drunk” in Hindi). During his journey, he befriends Jaggu, a journalist who becomes intrigued by his story. Together, they challenge the fraudulent activities of godmen and the commercialization of religion, sparking widespread debate and controversy.

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The film alternates between PK’s search for his remote and Jaggu’s personal life, particularly her estranged relationship with her boyfriend, Sarfaraz. As PK’s questions about religion and God provoke strong reactions from the public, he becomes a figure of both fascination and outrage. Through a series of humorous and poignant events, PK and Jaggu expose the hypocrisies and exploitations within religious institutions. In the climax, PK’s true identity as an alien is revealed, and he successfully retrieves his remote, but not before leaving a lasting impact on those around him, particularly Jaggu. The film concludes with PK returning to his planet, while Jaggu reconciles with Sarfaraz. “PK” uses satire and humor to address serious issues about faith, belief systems, and the necessity for a more rational and compassionate understanding of spirituality.

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