Bollywood Actresses Who Faced Nip-Slip Wardrobe Malfunctions

Dirty Wardrobe Malfunctions – List of top Bollywood actresses who faced Oops Moments – Famous Indian actresses who faced Nip-Slip moments.


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Bollywood actresses are known for their stylish and glamorous looks, they visit numerous events in bold outfits. Many a times these Indian actresses have faced dirty oops moments that garner lots of media attention and trolls.

Check out the List of Most Popular Nip-Slip Moments and Wardrobe Malfunctions

Priyanka Chopra Nip-Slip

Priyanka Chopra Nip Slip

Payal Rajput Nip-Slip

Donal Bisht Nip-Slip

Malaika Arora Nip-Slip

Taapsee Pannu Nip-Slip

Ankita Shoray Nip-Slip

Ankita Shoray Nip Slip

Deepika Padukone Nip-Slip

Deepika Padukone Nip Slip

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