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Top 10 Vicky Kaushal Movies, You Can Watch here

Vicky Kaushal is a Bollywood actor who is known for his acting versatility and magnetic presence on screen. He has worked in all types of movies, from serious dramas to fast-paced thrillers. Here are top 10 Vicky Kaushal movies that you should definitely watch.

1 Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019)

Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019)

This movie made not only earned Vicky a National Film Award for Best Actor but also became one of the biggest hits at the box office ever. Based on the 2016 Uri attack, Kaushal’s role as Major Vihaan Singh Shergill is both intense and inspiring. Watch Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019)

2 Masaan (2015)

Masaan (2015)

It was this critically acclaimed film that gave us the first look at Vicky Kaushal’s talent as an actor. Playing Deepak, a young man from a lower caste, his performance in Masaan is raw and heart-wrenching. Watch Masaan (2015)

3 Raazi (2018)

Raazi (2018)

In this spy thriller set during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971, Vicky plays Iqbal Syed, an army officer from across the border who falls in love with an Indian spy played by Alia Bhatt. His nuanced portrayal added depth to this tale of espionage. Watch Raazi (2018)

4 Sanju (2018)

Sanju (2018)

Arguably one of his most popular films till date, Sanju saw him essaying Kamlesh Kanhaiyalal Kapasi aka Kamli -Sanjay Dutt’s best friend. It was his sincerity and emotional depth which swept us off our feet! Watch Sanju (2018)

5 Manmarziyaan (2018)

Manmarziyaan (2018)

In this romantic drama by Anurag Kashyap which features Abhishek Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu as well, he plays Robbie Bhatia – a DJ caught between two women he loves dearly! This character is very different than what we have seen him do before because it’s impulsive and free spirited! Watch Manmarziyaan (2018)

6 Sardar Udham (2021)

Sardar Udham (2021)

In this film Vicky tells us about the life of freedom fighter Udham Singh. He delivered such an intense yet evocative performance in it that highlights his theatre background. Watch Sardar Udham (2021)

7 Raman Raghav 2.0 (2016)

Raman Raghav 2.0 (2016)

Thriller film directed by Anurag Kashyap saw him playing a cop who is troubled with inner demons – Raghavan! This performance was so chilling but also drew our sympathy for the character himself. Watch Raman Raghav 2.0 (2016)

8 Love per Square Foot (2018)

Love per Square Foot (2018)

It was Netflix original which marked his entry into rom-coms where he played Sanjay Chaturvedi – a man looking for his own house in Mumbai! What endeared us to this movie were its light hearted moments combined with strong performances from all actors involved including him. Watch Love per Square Foot (2018)

9 Zubaan (2015)

Zubaan (2015)

In this musical drama, Vicky portrays Dilsher, a young man with speech disability who wants to become a singer one day! This film showcased his ability to convey deep emotions using just expressions alone without saying much at all sometimes even none at all. Watch Zubaan (2015)

10 Bhoot – Part One: The Haunted Ship (2020)

Bhoot – Part One: The Haunted Ship (2020)

Horror thriller saw him as Prithvi -a shipping officer haunted by supernatural happenings on board an abandoned vessel! Watch Bhoot – Part One: The Haunted Ship (2020)

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