Some lesser known facts about Ileana D’Cruz.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Ileana D'cruz

Ileana D’Cruz is a talented and beautiful actress who has made a mark in both the South Indian and Bollywood film industries. While many of us may be familiar with her work on the big screen, there are several intriguing facts about her that are not widely known. Let’s take a closer look at some of these lesser-known facts about Ileana D’Cruz.

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Here are the 9 Least known facts about facts about Ileana D’Cruz.


#1 Ileana D’Cruz was born in Mumbai, India, but she grew up in Goa.

#2 She started acting in 2006 in a Telugu movie called “Devadasu”. It did really well, and she got an award for it.

#3 Before acting, Ileana D’Cruz was a model. She was in ads and music videos.

#4 Ileana has been trained in classical dancing and has mastered various styles, including Bharatanatyam.


#5 In 2012, she acted in her first Bollywood movie, “Barfi!” with Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. It did well too.

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#6 Ileana likes to keep her personal life private.

#7 In 2020, she said she has a mental health problem called body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). It makes her think a lot about how she looks.


#8 She loves animals and often shows pictures of her dogs on social media.

#9 Ileana speaks Telugu, Hindi, and English really well.